5 Moments of Need®


5 Moments of Need®


In many organizations traditional and formal training has the main focus, however: only training is not enough! Knowledge and information have to be accessible always and everywhere. A lot of learning and development departments switch to 70:20:10 principles and focus on both formal (classroom and e-learning) and informal learning (embedded in the workplace) in their programs.

When developing innovative workplace solutions the approach you choose is very important. The De 5 Moments of Need® is based on five fundamental moments that comprise the full spectrum of the learning and performance lifecycle. These 5 moments are:

New knowledge or skills; when you learn how to do something for the first time
Need for specialization; expanding by wanting to learn more
Act upon what you have learned; when you forget something in practice
When problems arise; something does not go the way you intended
When things change and it is required to change deeply ingrained skills or routines

Learning, designing learning solutions, and educating is linked to employee performance in this method. This enables directly measuring efficiency. In the Netherlands organizations including Municipality of Amsterdam, Alrijne Hospital, Social Security Bank and IKEA are implementing a workplace learning strategy based on the 5 Moments of Need™.

During the 5 Moments of Need® program you don’t only work to obtain your certificate, but also work together with other participants to design effective workplace learning solutions which can be implemented in practice directly.

“It simply isn’t acceptable to throw learners over the classroom and/or e-learning wall into the workflow and then hope that what we did during the online or class event will magically transfer to successful job performance. It doesn’t. We know full-well that learning doesn’t stick unless you put in place provisions that support performance in the workflow.”


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