Performance Journey

Study trips for L&D Professionals

How we started

Alfred Remmits' passion is all around people and learning. After more than 25 years of involvement in the learning profession, he is convinced that we really need to refocus on the non-formal side of learning, instead of wasting most of our investments (the literature speaks of 60-70% scrap-learning or waste ) on traditional classroom training or conventional e-learning.

Over the past 15 years he has focused on building Performance Support solutions that have really shown an increase in the performance of the employees of the companies where he had deployed these solutions. After deploying more than 1000 Performance Support projects for large and mid-sized companies all over the world, he can truly state that a 'True Performance Support Solution' will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the total learning investments. Besides his focus on implementing Performance Support solutions, he specializes in the field of ROI measurements and analytics discussion and specialized in the field of ROI measurement.

After attending Masie's Learning for more than 25 times, he decided to organize a European trip for Learning and Development professionals in 2014. A large group of colleagues from different regions and industries has already joined the Performance Journey since then.


Compilation of our Performance Journey to Learning 2019

Why attend?

The Performance Journey study trips are organized for L&D, training and HR professionals who are responsible for optimizing the development of employees in organizations or organization performance within European companies.

If you want to contribute effectively and efficiently to the information that employees need, when and where they need it and you want to discuss this with and learn from other colleagues, then this trip is interesting for you!

Together with thousands learning colleagues from around the world, we will focus on the impact of increasing business challenges and how these changes and shifts in our work bring about changes in learning.

Do you work as a Learning Professional, Manager of Director, HR or Talent Professional, Content Developer or Producer, Technology or IT specialist with a focus on learning? Sign up now!

This year we organize a 5 Moments of Need Journey, a Technology Journey and a Learning 2020 Journey. You can now view the program for the 5 Moments of Need Journey via the button below. The content of the Technology Journey and Learning 2020 will be published as soon as possible.

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